Virtual Software Consultants

Software development Made in Germany 100% Guaranteed

Software development-Projects successfully implemented!

  • Need to hire external Software developers?
  • Have a Project Manager on site!
  • SAVE up to 70% the usual cost
  • Invoiced in Germany
  • under YOUR control
  • Get what You need
  • Fulltime at site
  • Fast and efficient
  • in 50% less time.
  • cost effective

Solution: Virtual Software Consultants

Via application sharing documents, websites can be discussed and edited or software can be presented. In addition, the virtual team room has adequate space and the necessary time to develop and test before production. Customers can 100% follow the status of the development and can at anytime (24x7) inject comments, ideas to the developer.

No more boring meetings, discussions and time and money consuming workshops

The ENTIRE development process takes place in a 100% secure German Cloud

and....we still provide a professional Project Manager on customers site 

The Virtual development team for a software company means that a part of software developers are located in another location or work Virtual RemotelyVirtual development teams help to expand development centers and have immediate access to more developers at no extra cost



Dipl. Developer Wofgang Holzem


Dipl. Ing. Bernhard Bowitz


At Site parallel development German Cloud Virtual Software Consultant

Dipl. Kaufmann Manfred Rehmer

Expert IT Consultant - langjährige Erfahrung in Migrations- sowie Outsourcing-Projekten

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